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Web Hosting:

If you have just begun creating your web site or are intending to build one, investing a lot of money in a web hosting account is ordinarily not the first thing you wish to do. Discovering an affordable hosting accounts provider should be your number one goal. Delco PC Web Hosting plans are designed for both home and small business users who need large amounts of disk space and bandwidth at an entry level price point. All our cheap web hosting plans are feature-rich and offer excellent value for money. A cheap web hosting package is the cheapest way to get your website online. These plans are ideal for a large number of users and are the perfect starting point. Even if you start off with one of our cheap web hosting plans, you can upgrade to higher plans at any time should your requirements change.

Easy To Use Control Panel:

You can manage all aspects of your hosting via cPanel, the industry leading control panel, it’s easy to use and you can configure email, install software, setup redirects and lots more. Your fully in control.

Unlimited Personalized Emails:

You can set up professional email addresses through your control panel and unlike webmail that doesn't professionally represent you, you have the flexibility to setup whatever email address name you require under your domain name. Create the right impression and help promote your brand even with your emails.

Our basic Web Hosting package starts out at just $2.25 per month. This also includes a free Domain name for 1st year. Contact us today for more details.